Why WordPress is a Great Website Tool for Businesses

If you are looking to develop a really good website, we highly recommend using WordPress.  There are lots of different content management systems around online, such as Magento and WordPress, but we think that WordPress is the best for businesses (especially small businesses or sole traders).  The reasons behind this are:

  1. It’s free!  Great news for any small business who doesn’t have a huge budget; WordPress is free to setup.
  2. Unlimited design ideas – the use of themes on WordPress mean that your website can be entirely unique.  No need to worry about your site looking too similar to your competitor!
  3. Community of experts – if you are new to it all, there’s a thriving community of web developers, designers and other general clever people on the WordPress forums ready to help solve any of your issues.
  4. Shopping functions – you can sell products using one of the shopping tool plugins
  5. Functionality – the use of plugins means you can add ready made functionality to your site without the need to understand programming languages