Why Great Content is So Important for Your Website

You might have heard the phrase “content is king” over your time online – and it couldn’t be more true!  Search engines place a great emphasis on the quality and quantity of website content.  Here are our tips for getting the best from your website content.

Quality over quantity – search engines look for relevancy and natural writing quality in content posts.  This ranges from good spelling and grammar to the actual topic you’re talking about.  It is important that the content is highly relevant and interesting, as if it is neither, your customers will not be inclined to click on it to read it and are less likely to view your website as a useful or valuable resource.

Visual appeal – it is important that any content you write is attractive for the viewer.  This includes spacing out paragraphs nicely so they aren’t too blocky.  Text is more difficult to read online rather than in print, so it’s important that you do not put too much into one block.  Break up text with images, videos and empty space.

Headings and Titles – make your headings stand out using colour and size of font to ensure it is clear what your writing is about.  Try to keep to shorter phrases rather than long titles.