Making Your Site Ready for Mobiles and Tablets

Nowadays, more people are using their smartphones and tablet computers to browse the internet.  It is therefore important that websites are ready for this change, and that means developing a responsive website.  Responsive sites are able to detect what device is viewing their site, and make adjustments accordingly to ensure the optimal viewing.  On smaller screens, it is important that text and images are the correct sizes so everything is readable, and things like contact forms and tick boxes are useable.

Responsive sites automatically resize images, graphics and videos to allow them to fit onto smaller screens at the right size, and to allow any text to be viewed properly, rather than being squashed.

Most web design companies will be able to help you to make your site responsive and mobile optimised, if it is not already.  It is important that your site is quickly brought into the modern style so your readers and customers will continue to use you, and not reach out to your competitiors!