How to Keep Your Website Visitors Happy

Once your website is visible online and you are getting a steady stream of customers through the site, it is important to understand what makes customers more likely to come back.

With websites, there are number of things you can do to keep people coming back.  Here are our ideas to help you maintain great customer relationships:

Content – keep your website updated with the latest content.  This could be through blog posts about your procuts and industry on the whole, as people are likely to be interested in hearing about innovations or updates to stock.  You could also continually add more products or services.

Navigation – make sure menus are easy to find, that it is easy to add products to the basket and that your checkout process is not too onerous.  If you can offer the chance for customers to save their login details, this might encourage them to shop with you again!  The key is to make everything easy for the customer.