Getting Inspiration for Your New Business Website

Having a new website made for your business is a fun and exciting time!  It gives you a chance to completely do over your site and create a great looking one, which functions well and has customers flocking at your door!

Getting ideas for your site is easier for some, but not everyone find it a piece of cake.  The best thing to start off with is a list of things you like and dislike about websites – try looking at your competitors in your industry and see what they have on their websites.  It may be that you like part of one, and a different part of another.  Getting these ideas down on paper will help you to formulate your design.

Once you have some ideas, speak to a web designer who will be able to let you know how easy your ideas will be to reproduce, and if there are any reasons to change or add to your ideas.  They will know more about what works well, is in fashion and what customers tend to like!