Getting Your Site to Look Amazing for Your Customers!

Customers are important to our businesses, as it is through sales that we can keep generating the business which keeps us all going.  Often, people first come across your business through searching for your website.  It is therefore important that your site looks great in order to have the best chance of generating sales and leads from your readers.

The first thing to do is make sure everything is completely readable on your site – check fonts are large enough, that the colours are clear and that it looks good on all screen sizes.  If you haven’t got a responsive web site, get one.  It is vital that people can easily use your site on mobiles and tablets as well as through desktops, and a responsive site allows them to do just that.

Next up, clean up the pages – try to reduce the amount of excess distraction.  This means clean backgrounds without patterns or busy images, a light neutral background works well most of the time.  Try to avoid using too many fancy animations and sounds too, these can be annoying and are likely to turn customers off.

What is SEO and Why Should I Use It?

If you have a business which has a website, it is highly likely that you will want people to be able to find your site easily by searching on search engines for things you sell.  This is not a process which magically happens on its own – in order to get your website anywhere near the first page of search results, you need SEO!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.  This is a process of making changes and adjustments to your site in order to ‘optimise’ the site to be found by search engines easily.  There are lots of things we can do to help your site be more visible.

One of the biggest aspects of SEO is creating a good network of backlinks.  Links to your website essentially count as “votes” to search engines that your site is a useful and valuable source of information on a keyword topic.  Let’s say you sell pressure washers.  If you had a link to your site from a blog post on, search engines would take from it that your site is a good site for pressure washers.

By making small changes to the website itself, like ensuring title tags and heading tags are reflecting keyword phrases, search engines can index your site more effectively for certain keywords.

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