What Can the Internet Do For My Business?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 30 years, you’ll know that the internet is a wonderful thing!  We can search for pretty much anything we want (and often find things we never even knew existed!) and we can use it to find local businesses and suppliers of products we are looking for.  Businesses need to harness this incredible tool for themselves, as it is a brilliant way to generate more sales and to increase your client base.

Online marketing is a way of getting your company seen online.  The first tool is to create a really good quality website.  Your website is the first port of call for people who are searching for products or services which you sell.  It is vital that your site works well and is easy to navigate around, as anything which doesn’t work will cause your viewers to turn to a competitor website!

SEO is the next important marketing tool, and this stands for Search Engine Optimisation.  We will go into more detail about what SEO is in another blog post later on, as it is a very complicated beast!  The absolute basics are that it allows your website to be more easily found through search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Different Social Media Options for Businesses

Social media holds a very powerful position in our lives nowadays.  Almost everyone you come accross has access to one social media profile or another!  This is why we need to use it to our advantage when marketing our businesses.

Facebook:  one of the most popular networks, facebook has evolved from college students to linking up real people with businesses and organisations which they share interests with.  Facebook has paid advertising schemes available, which you can tailor to very specific audiences.  This makes it a fantastic tool for businesses to target their audience carefully and consisely.

Pinterest: a photo and website sharing site where users compile their own ‘pinboards’ online, with ideas and inspiration based around chosen topics.  Great for people who have products to sell, getting pinned means a huge number of people will suddenly have sight of your products.

Twitter: great for quick updates, Twitter has been around for years.  Popular with young and old alike, and with a great celebrity fanbase, Twitter is fab for updating your network quickly.  Paid or sponsored posts enable you to target your audience effectively.

Getting Your Site to Look Amazing for Your Customers!

Customers are important to our businesses, as it is through sales that we can keep generating the business which keeps us all going.  Often, people first come across your business through searching for your website.  It is therefore important that your site looks great in order to have the best chance of generating sales and leads from your readers.

The first thing to do is make sure everything is completely readable on your site – check fonts are large enough, that the colours are clear and that it looks good on all screen sizes.  If you haven’t got a responsive web site, get one.  It is vital that people can easily use your site on mobiles and tablets as well as through desktops, and a responsive site allows them to do just that.

Next up, clean up the pages – try to reduce the amount of excess distraction.  This means clean backgrounds without patterns or busy images, a light neutral background works well most of the time.  Try to avoid using too many fancy animations and sounds too, these can be annoying and are likely to turn customers off.

Why Great Content is So Important for Your Website

You might have heard the phrase “content is king” over your time online – and it couldn’t be more true!  Search engines place a great emphasis on the quality and quantity of website content.  Here are our tips for getting the best from your website content.

Quality over quantity – search engines look for relevancy and natural writing quality in content posts.  This ranges from good spelling and grammar to the actual topic you’re talking about.  It is important that the content is highly relevant and interesting, as if it is neither, your customers will not be inclined to click on it to read it and are less likely to view your website as a useful or valuable resource.

Visual appeal – it is important that any content you write is attractive for the viewer.  This includes spacing out paragraphs nicely so they aren’t too blocky.  Text is more difficult to read online rather than in print, so it’s important that you do not put too much into one block.  Break up text with images, videos and empty space.

Headings and Titles – make your headings stand out using colour and size of font to ensure it is clear what your writing is about.  Try to keep to shorter phrases rather than long titles.